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    Why Hire A Public Adjuster?

    The difference between an independent adjuster and a public adjuster (also sometimes called private adjusters) can be very confusing, but each play an important role in the claims process. The independent adjuster is hired and paid by the insurance company. A public adjuster (PA) represents you—the policyholder, and helps you prepare, present and settle your home or business property insurance claim.

    Easier Filing

    Settling a claim for property damage from fire, windstorm, hail, floods, hurricanes, and other disasters can be complicated, time-consuming. As your public adjuster, we simplify and speed up the filing process.

    Expert Support

    As your public adjusters, we work for you—not an insurance company, not a roofing company, not a repair company, or general contractor. As such, you can trust us to fight for your rights as the policyholder.

    Higher Payouts

    Did you know that policyholders who file with public adjusters get on average +700% higher payouts? This is because we have years of experience settling claims. If you’ve been denied or underpaid, we can help.

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      What Fees Do Public Adjusters Charge?

      You pay no out of pocket costs for our services, ever! We charge a small percentage of the final settlement—based on the time, energy, and expertise required to effectively represent you. This means that if there is no recovery, there is no fee.

      Be advised that it is against the law for contractors – including roofing and restoration contractors – to negotiate your claim with your insurance company. Insurance adjusting—especially public adjusting—requires special training and a license issued by the State Department of Insurance.

      Claim Types

      Woman standing in front of burned out house and holding her head with both hands

      Building Collapse




      Fire and Smoke













      Man stealing a car





      Civil Unrest

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        Nathan River's Edge Estates
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        Storm Loss Private Adjusters are incredible! Our Duplex recently burned down, and our insurance would only offer us $30,000 to rebuild. After trying to work with them for months, they completely stopped answering and returning our phone calls. Storm Loss came to the rescue! They completely took over for us and played hard ball with the insurance company. Immediately, the insurance company agreed to pay the policy's maximum coverage amount, giving us the funds needed to rebuild.
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        I’m so grateful to everyone at Storm Loss Private Adjusters. I tried to handle my horse trailer claim myself but it wasn’t as easy as I thought. Glad my wife contacted them to help! We got a lot more money than we were offered originally!
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        The SLPA team made all the difference! Not only did they help us get more money to fix our home, but they also helped us realize what we were entitled to. The insurance company forced us into a hotel when we were owed a comparable home! SLPA made an awful experience much better!
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        Good people that just want to do the right thing. I’ll go this route from now on!
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        I needed a professional to assist me with my claim. Jeannie was very professional. She knew what to get me my fair amount of money on my Progressive Policy. I feel that Jeanice was very fair, honest and profession in dealing with Progressive.
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        When we had a tornado at our ranch, Storm Loss Private Adjusters was there to answer all of our questions and reviewed our policy to find more money that was owed to us that the insurance company never offered. They took this headache off our backs. We were able to get back to work and life while SLPA handled our insurance company and claim.

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